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East Coast Recording offers a wide array of Audio and Video and Marketing services. Below is just an overview. Please contact us If you don't see what you are looking for. Often if we don't provide a certain service, we can recommend a trusted affiliate who can.

Audio Recording

A state-of-the-art Pro Tools HD -based recording studio and seasoned audio engineers. With a massive performance room and a vast choice of instruments, amps and effects. Record in an environment designed from the ground up to enhance your creativity and bring out your very best performance every time. 

Audio Mastering

Your recording is not finished until it has been professionally mastered. Let our engineers bring your recording project into final focus the way it was meant to sound.
CD and DVD Duplication
Short run to full production - through package design to printing. Need your CD or DVD produced quickly? Trust your next project to ECR.


Voice Over

Let us book your Voice Over talent, record your radio spot, produce corporate training and sales tools. Give a professional touch to your next Voice Over project. Learn more...

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

Flawless dubbing of voice overs for previously recorded on-screen videos

Audio Restoration / Enhancement

Clean up, enhancement and restoration of audio, audio forensics, format transfers. Trust your audio restoration project to the experienced engineers here at ECR.

Video Production
Full video post-production, video editing. Let us help you produce your next video project.


Graphic Design
Our team of talented designers can help set you apart from the competition. From collateral materials and logo design to advertisments and websites. We have teamed with some of the hottest designers in the country to give you the edge in the marketplace.


Promotional Press Package
When you can't be there to sell yourself, a promotional press kit has to convey your service or talents quickly and effectively. Our marketing team can put your band or service in the best possible light.


"A picture is worth a thousand words" as the saying goes, and it's certainly true when your band is trying to reach the next level. You simply need professional photographs for promotion, mechanndise - you name it, we do it.


Getting the word out is never easy. It takes time and hard work and constant creative thinking to break through all the noise and reach your audience. Let our experienced team of fearless advertising and marketing professionals craft the perfect campaign to sell you to the world.


Competitive rates on all print projects. From CD and DVD packages to posters, press kits and collateral materials. Beautiful printing everytime and on schedule.


Get your band out of the garage and onto the stage of some of the hottest area venues. Our booking agents will get your band out there and even help you get paid for your performance. Help crush the myth of the starving artist by getting your band out there and earning money.


Music Label
An independent music label that focuses on partnerships with established artists, or artists that show unique artistic potential. We believe is this partnership between label and artist and want to be facilitators - with both the artist and label bringing full resources to bear for the benefit of the music.



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